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Cello Lessons

Study cello with Dylan!
Private cello lessons offered in North Portland.
*Currently accepting new students.*

Dylan is a passionate teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. He has taught private and group cello lessons for students of all skill levels with an age range of 4 to 80 years old. He has worked in school settings from elementary through university level. 

Having a Masters Degree in Cello Performance along with a diverse musical background, Dylan focuses on ear training while emphasizing solid cello technique. He believes that cello study is a great medium through which greater overall music appreciation can be achieved

Free trial lesson for new students. 
$65 for 55 minutes
$40 for 30 minutes

**Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, lessons are currently online. When it is safe to resume in person lessons, the studio is located in North Portland. Virtual lessons are an ongoing option for non-local students.**


"Dylan's style of teaching is not only professional and dynamic but is extremely accommodating. It's clear he is always insightful as to what approach works best for my mindset and is consistently able to adjust his style in order to pull me through even the most complicated techniques. I can see my growth over the years and that success is the result of being taught by someone who is skilled at the cello, thoughtful in his teaching style, engaging in his lesson plans, and generally fun to learn from. I always look forward to our lessons and remain excited about my growth. Additionally, he works really well in virtual learning." 


"As a former teacher myself, I have been very impressed with Dylan’s skills as a teacher. He is friendly and collaborative in his guidance and balances technical training with questions of musicality. He gives me very precise feedback, listens thoughtfully when I tell him what difficulties I am experiencing, and shows me what kinds of practice might help improve the things we are working on. I also appreciate that he shares some of his experiences as a performer and composer, so that having him as my teacher has given me some understanding of the life of a professional musician."


"It has been more than 3 years of fun taking the cello lesson with Dylan. His lesson provides me with his insight into cello music that comes from his background as a performer and a composer and I feel lucky to have him as my teacher. Even for a beginner like me, it is enlightening and makes my cello practice more interesting."


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